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Real Estate transactions

One of the few times someone is happy to see a lawyer is when they buy, or refinance, their home. I help you navigate the landmines of title research and loan closings, to ensure that you remain happy throughout the course of your land ownership. Commercial transactions are also included in our areas of expertise.

Wills & Estates

Two things are certain in life—death and taxes. Have you properly planned? If a loved one has died, is their property being distributed correctly? Their creditors paid? I help you to plan by preparing a proper will during their lifetime, and I also help those left behind who must handle the business of death after the passing of their loved one.

Corporate Law

There’s more to it than collecting money and paying bills—your business must be set up in the proper legal entity. The costs can be extreme if this is not done correctly. I help business owners to set up corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. I also help them review their liability status and coverages.


Life happens. Bills that you once could pay, now you can’t. I help those whose expenses are more than their income. Don’t allow yourself to be at the mercy of creditors. Take advantage of the “fresh start” that the law allows.

Personal Injury

People get hurt because of the fault of others. You have to have treatment, but the medical providers have to be paid. You miss work, but the bills don’t stop coming. You miss life, but the events don’t stop happening. The insurance company could care less, and will add insult to injury by accusing you of faking and malingering. I help those who need assistance to combat the insurance companies.

Worker’s Compensation

You’re hurt on the job. Your employer is pushing you to get back to work, whether you’re ready or not. Or maybe they’re telling you that you “aren’t eligible” for workers’ compensation. The insurance company only wants you to go to their doctors. Your check is stopped for any trivial reason. I help people injured on the job to get the medical treatment needed to heal, and to have the income necessary to stay above water while you heal.

Business Litigation

Circumstances change. This is especially true with businesses. What worked at one time may not work now. I help those business owners who are now at odds with partners, prior owners, contractors, creditors or vendors.

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